The Wine


Wine is born in vineyards.

It needs daily work, from vine pruning to tying it down. It fights against adversities, such as cold during the spring flowering period, summer drought, and parasitic diseases.

It also requires medication, thinning – one of the most delicate steps, because the lower the number of bunches of grapes in each plant, the higher quality is, but thinning them out always gives some sorrow for having first brought them to ripeness with much effort – and determining the best time to pick the grapes, making wine by hand and carrying the grapes to the cellar, where the vinification process starts.

We are proud of Palmo di Terra’s wine, which we consider a good wine, in line with the best tradition of Tuscan red wines and much appreciated by our clients.
We prepared fact sheets for vintages on sale to offer a more in-depth knowledge of our wines, made in the traditional way and aged in bottles. We offer the fullness of wines , delightfull to taste and with an intense color.

The vineyard is 90 meters above sea level on hills looking south-west with clayey-chalky land. Sangiovese and Alicante grapes are cultivated according to organic farming standards. Our work is becoming increasingly difficult because of the crisis in the wine sector. We started to produce a new wine, with an even higher quality , from grapes Sangiovese (80%) and Montepulciano (20%), in a limited number of bottles. From 2014 we change Montepulciano grapes with Alicante grapes.
We called it “Rare” and our clients liked very much. We have produced and we continue to sell our good wine, up to 2015, but now we have stopped to produce, we start to get old and it is hard to continue. We now sell the grape to  organic firms.