Entra e guarda
Our house is open to those who want to spend time in the countryside, with many destinations available – from the sea to the mountains, thermes, monuments of Etruscan civilisation – that can be reached in a short time. Palmo di Terra is also a place where you can rediscover a taste for short distances, to be covered on foot or by bicycle. Often, for those who find themselves rushing between planes, trains or spending hours in traffic, the possibility of moving in the silence of the countryside, along paths in the woods or along the banks of the river can be a way to regain tranquillity and energy. But Palmo di Terra is also a place where it is allowed, indeed often suggested, to practise idleness. Reading a good book, chatting on the lawn by the pool and letting time pass you by, perhaps returning or discovering a taste for cooking are often the best ways to pass the time. Maremma is also one of the areas least polluted by electric lighting and so it is still possible to scan the sky at night, perhaps bringing a map or telescope.

We are not an agritourism, in the sense that is commonly attributed to this term. un nido per dueWe do not cater every day, we are not a country hotel. Palmo di Terra is a country house in which we provide two flats with use of the kitchen and another cottage, to whose guests we offer breakfast in the morning. We can also offer the same breakfast service to the guests of the other two houses if they come here only for a weekend, where it is often not convenient to equip a kitchen.

In the past few years we have often cooked and eaten together with our guests, but this is not a rule; it can only happen that we get along well together and share tables and food. The general principle is: we respect each other’s autonomy, the desire to become masters of our own time and habits. Anything extra or different is part of the surprises of a holiday, it has never been the same and it is good that it has been.

This is what we can offer to those who want to come here to Palmo di Terra, together with a rich choice of books and a good selection of music. In summer we sometimes like to watch the cinema outdoors, under the walnut tree. Perhaps after a barbecue or before dancing or, for those with a passion, stargazing. But there is no programme, there are no animators. We guarantee your peace of mind, because we care about our own.

If all this interests you, Palmo di Terra is waiting for you.