About us

    We two. Gloria with the East and the desert in her blood and colors, Giorgio, with a Sicilian grandfather, but born in a city in Northern Italy.She was a project manager in an IT company, me a journalist and expert in communication, manager in an international energy company for many years.
In 1994, we ran into each other, we put together our luggage, with a mixture of joy and sadness, and left looking for a shared experience of life that we could add to the chapters of our individual stories. Finding our way together was a long walk. We spent less time to arrive at this place. It was a windy day, and cool air was sweeping across the hills. We felt that this was the place we were looking for. The year 2000 was approaching and it would have marked year zero for us.
Our project was a little farm on a hill, so close to the sea you could smell it, where we could (re)build the house, redesign the landscape around it, and get older doing something we liked.
Several years have passed since then. When people ask us the “story” behind Palmo di Terra, we need to show them pictures to see how different it looked, otherwise it is hard to believe how much it has changed over time and changes every day.

We are a dynamic tribe.

There are Giulia, who is working close to Milan and stays with us whenever she can; Lucky, founded in the kennel, still the “puppy” for us even if he has not been for many years. We also have a team of chicken, a large family of tabby cats that get along quite well with our dogs. In the past, some of our cats left after a few months, like many cats do. Maybe one day we will leave, too, with our restlessness, hopes and fears of the new. Like Ulysses’ sailors, “we are ready, where are we going?” – to confess our willingness to leave (again).
In the meantime, come and visit us. We are waiting for you.