How to use saffron in cooking

How to use saffron in cooking

Unlike the industrial production of saffron, organic saffron needs more patience to send out the fragrance and a golden-yellow hue. You should put the stigma in a cup, pour boiled water or broth (1-2 ladles) into it, and let it rest for 30 minutes. The ritual is done: saffron is ready for use.


Stuffed courgette with saffron

Wash the courgettes. Cut them in halves and empty. Boil in little salty water to soften. You sautè in extra-virgin oil a minced shallot, add then the pulp of the courgettes, the mince aromatic herbs – parsley, thyme, oregano and basil, some Parmigiano cheese, grated bread, salt, and the saffron you have already prepared in a cup of water or broth You fill the courgettes, arrange in a baking pan or a flat slightly greased, dust still with scratched bread, and put them in the oven to 180° up to they become fried.

Pasta Fusilli with shrimps and saffron

Prepare the Saffron as the instructions above. Cook the Fusilli in abundant salted water, in the meantime, sautè the shrimps in a pan with oil and garlic, when ready add the saffron with his liquid. Pour the pasta into the pan and combine it all for two minutes. Add some chopped parsley to garnìsh.

Saffron Cuttlefish

CIean carefully the cuttlefish, cut them into rings, and dry them. Lightly stir-fry in oil onion, garlic, tomato, celery, and pepper chopped in not too small pieces. Add the cuttlefish, and let it cook for about 7 mìnutes. Add salt, a drop of brandy and let evaporate, Add a cup of vegetable broth, without the saffron, cover with the lid and let it slowly cook on a low fire, for about 15 minutes. Remember to stir it every so often. When aìmost cooked, add the saffron, prepare like the instructions, make sure the liquid retires, and then tum off the fire and let il rest for two minutes keeping the lid on.

Saffron stew chicken

Chop some onion and rake it brown in a pan with a little olive oil: add the chicken and after a few minutes the potatoes and the salt, let it brown for another few minutes, then add half a glass of white wine. Leave for a couple of minutes so that the alcohol evaporates cover it and cook for about 45 minutes. Five minutes before the chicken is ready and totally cooked, add the broth with saffron, prepared as the instructions, end cook under a low flame.

Rice balls with saffron

Stew 300 grams of rice, for about 15/18 minutes it depends on the quality and type of rice that you have. Drain it and add an egg, two spoons of Parmigiano cheese, a piece of butter, and a cup of water or broth in which you prepared saffron.
Cooldown slightly it till when you can make balls. With damp hands, you take a small quantity of rice and make rice balls as great as a walnut. Now flour them and mix in a beaten egg, add some salt and therefore in the grated bread. Fry for a few minutes and serve hot. Excellent as cocktail and appetizer.

Saffron lamb

Chop the lamb in small pieces, let it brown at lively fire in a pan with oil add salt and pepper Add garlic, onion, chopped sun-dried tomatoes, and hand-chopped parsley. Let it cook at low fire for a few minutes, then add wine and raise the fire to let it evaporate. Lower the fire and cook for 20 minutes. If the gravy retires too much add a drop of hot water. Five minutes before the end of the cooking pour the saffron with its liquid – prepared as the instructions – and when the liquid is slightly retired, serve very hot.

Saffron ricotta

You will need 600 gr of sheep ricotta and some passito wine. Combine the ricotta cheese with the saffron prepared as the instructions, sugar as you like, and a tablespoon of passito wine. lt is a quick and easy dessert served in a small glass and accompanied with a very good glass of passito wine.



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