It is one of the more extended and important rocky sites in Italy. 

It’s around 2 kilometers from the center of St. Quirico, the most populous community of Sorano, reachable by foot. The first proof state from the XI century, when in the whole area many castles were built. 

Vitozza belonged to a wide feud including 15 castles among which Sorano, Pitigliano, Farnese, Mezzano

The feud was strategically important, through the fortifications the roads till to the sea could be monitored. 

Vitozza, characterized by the ruins of many fortifications and churches, consists of further 200 caves dug in the Tufo, used since the eldest ages as home, stables, and outbuildings.

A sustainable place in the beautiful Maremma Tuscany.

We have created a place where you feel the attempt to get closer to harmony, to experience a different way of living, with full respect for the environment.