Far from Palmo di Terra 150 km, less than two hours by car, Siena is universally known for its extraordinary historical and artistic heritage, for landscape and the stylistic unity of the medieval urban architecture, as well as for the famous Palio.

In 1995 its historical center has been defined by the Unesco “World Heritage Site”.

In Siena there is Monte dei Paschi, familiarly called “il Monte”. Founded in 1472, it’s the most ancient bank in activity in the world.

The town is divided in the seventeen “contrade”, city quarter with limits set in 1729 by Governor Violante di Baviera.

If you visit Siena, you have to see Palazzo Comunale, Torre del Mangia, the Cappella di Piazza and Duomo, dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta.

Siena is also famous for its Palio, a horse race that is held twice each year, on July 2 and August 16. The first Palio was raced in 1644.

A sustainable place in the beautiful Maremma Tuscany.

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