Holiday home
for groups and families



Palmo di Terra is a corner of Tuscany designed for group or family holidays, for those who want to discover Maremma, relax in the countryside and taste the products of the land.

It is a place to experience nature in the company of friends or family, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, where you can relax and feel at home.

If you are thinking of a holiday in Tuscany, perhaps with your family or a group of friends, the holiday home solution is ideal.

In fact, there are many reasons why more and more today groups of friends or family members are choosing to rent an entire farmhouse or holiday home in the countryside and enjoy a full immersion experience in nature.

On this page, we present our holiday homes in Maremma and the reasons for choosing a holiday home.


Palmo di Terra holiday home for groups in the heart of the Tuscan Maremma:
our proposals



Palmo di Terra: holiday home and farmhouse in Tuscany

You will immerse yourself in nature in the company of others, far from the chaos.

This has always been the idea of Palmo di Terra, a holiday home for groups and families.
We have few places, in houses surrounded by greenery, a hectare of lawn.
This is an advantage because it allows a family or a group of friends to rent all of Palmo di Terra, or part of it, and enjoy the swimming pool and the outdoor spaces in total freedom and solitude, without meeting other people.

Experience having a small village in Tuscany all to yourself.


A group or family holiday… away from Covid

In the gloomy period of pandemic Palmo di Terra is a safe place to spend a pleasant holiday in Tuscany, away from the risk of the Coronavirus.

If you decide to rent all the houses for your group of friends or your family, you can guarantee yourself a sheltered holiday with all the comforts: an entire swimming pool for you, plenty of space to preserve your privacy even among friends and family.


Are you a young couple?

Palmo di Terra is a holiday home that allows you relax and privacy.

You can choose the Garden House, and at the same time keep your parents close to you in the the Terrace House.


Are you a close-knit group of friends?

Palmo di Terra is a holiday home for small or large groups.

If you are a group of friends, you can split up in the Garden House and the Terrace House and share the barbecue and all the other outdoor spaces.



Have a look at and select best solution for your holiday!

House with Terrace

Upstairs in the farmhouse, two bedrooms (1 queen bed + 2 twin beds) w/private bathroom, living-room, bed couch, fireplace, kitchen, and terrace.

Services included:
– wifi internet
– electricity
– gas for cooking
– clean bed linen and bath towels provided weekly
swimming pool
– garden
– bikes (available at this time)

House in the Garden

Loft apartment converted from a former barn, Large one-bedroom apartment with loft: One bedroom (1 queen bed) private bathroom, living room, and kitchen, bed sofa available for 1-2 guests, lawned garden with paved patio.

Services included:
– wifi internet
– electricity
– gas for cooking
– clean bed linen and bath towels are provided weekly
swimming pool
– garden
– bikes (available at this time)

Nest for two

(2 twin beds) efficiency apartment private bathroom, lawned garden with paved patio.

Services included:
– wifi internet
– electricity
– gas for cooking
– clean bed linen and bath towels are provided weekly
– swimming pool
– garden
– bikes (available at this time)


The advantages of a holiday home for group travelers

Taking a holiday in a group can sometimes be difficult because you have to reconcile everyone’s tastes, find a location that has plenty of available space, and at the same time allows everyone to have their own privacy.
The holiday home solves many of these problems and offers many advantages:

  • Save money: If you are traveling in a group, a holiday home is a great way to save your wallet without giving up a relaxing holiday with friends;
  • Double gain: choosing a holiday home is an investment for the future as what you have left in your wallet you can use for your next holiday with friends;
  • You are the one who decides: you can choose the holiday home that best suits your needs. In the Tuscan Maremma, Palmo di Terra is ready to welcome you and your friends or family;
  • Staying with your family or traveling companions: the holiday home allows you to stay in a group and spend the whole day together. A way to spend your holiday with your traveling companions and at the same time have your own privacy;
  • Eat when you want and… as much as you want!
  • In the holiday homes, there are no constraints on timetables or menus: a kitchen at your complete disposal allows you to cook whatever you like, without sacrificing your health, your figure, or your eating habits;
  • No time constraints: you can move around in complete freedom. You have no timetable, neither for returning home in the evening nor for breakfast in the morning. You can enjoy your holiday without thinking about anything else;
  • Sharing experiences with friends: in your holiday home, you will organize dinners and aperitifs with friends who are in the same holiday resort. This is a way to get together, build a group, strengthen friendships and share experiences;
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet: during your holiday you need to appreciate even the smallest things such as a walk-in nature, having a nice snack together outside in the kitchen, or organizing a game of cards around the table. The holiday home offers you space and time for all this.
  • A whole swimming pool for sport and well-being: holiday homes, such as Palmo di Terra, often have a private pool reserved for guests. The Palmo di Terra pool can be used by your group in the privacy of the location, surrounded by woods.
  • Seasonal products: often, as in our case, holiday homes are also agritourism and can offer you the best products of the land.
  • Immersion in nature: the holiday home is also in contact with nature, rediscovery of the countryside, the landscape, life in the sun.
  • Palmo di Terra is set in a magnificent forest, where you can take walks or sit in the shade of the large trees.
  • Meet new people: Holiday homeowners are usually sociable people, ready to open their doors to visitors. They allow guests all the privacy and freedom but are also ready to have a chat and discover points of contact.
  • Having an expert guide to the area: who better than the owners of the holiday home can give advice, help, and suggestions about the place. They know about shops, restaurants, small jewels of nature perhaps less known to tourists, they are a real reference point for experiencing a place like those who live there every day.

The advantages of a holiday home for a family trip

A holiday home as a place for a family trip/holiday is an excellent choice, especially if you have young children with varying needs and timetables, or if you want to enjoy moments of autonomy in complete safety. Let’s take a look at the advantages of this choice below:

  • Time flexibility: in a hotel, you have to respect the “imposed” times for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, while in a holiday home you decide independently when to have lunch and dinner, when to get up in the morning and how to organize your day;
  • Low costs: the cost of a holiday home may seem high compared to the standard rent of a mini flat, but if you divide this figure by several families and if you consider the many advantages and the few remaining expenses on site, the price is really convenient;
  • Comfort: whether it’s the television, the sofa, larger spaces, a small garden, or terrace; the home undoubtedly offers some comforts that you won’t find in hotels;
  • Child-friendly routines: When you have small children, staying in a cramped hotel room can cause some discomfort. Children have their own waking and napping schedules and you may have to spend long hours together in your room in silence waiting for them to wake up. In addition, it can be difficult to force little ones to respect breakfast times or to sit for long periods at the restaurant table.

The holiday home: discovering nature and the products of the land

A holiday in a holiday home also means living in contact with nature and above all tasting the products it has to offer.
In Palmo di Terra you will find:

  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables
    The Palmo di Terra vegetable garden guarantees a rich harvest every year, each time different and special.
  • Wine
    Palmo di Terra wine is a small, careful production. A wine of great quality in a few bottles.
  • Olive oil
    A land like Tuscany offers the ideal climate for oil. Palmo di Terra’s oil is fruity, with a bitter and slightly spicy aftertaste. Excellent with bruschetta, vegetables, and fish.
  • Sweet and spicy jams
    With our fruit, we make classic jams and tasty experiments such as melon with star anise or peaches with chocolate and amaretto.
  • Saffron
    At Palmo di Terra we grow the purest saffron from Maremma, excellent for rice, paella, Milanese risotto, or Indian pilaf, but also for fish, potatoes, sweet or savory creams.

Why in Maremma?

Tuscan Maremma is a place of discovery, adventure, and contact with nature. It offers a great variety of landscapes and is one of the most beautiful and limpid seas in Italy. The endless sandy beaches alternate with vertiginous cliffs dropping sheer into the sea, small wild inlets and free beaches, as well as well-equipped bathing establishments, seaside villages, enchanting little islands, and marinas.

Maremma is also known as the “wild heart of Tuscany”, and is a perfect location for those looking for a sporting holiday in contact with nature: cycling in the Tuscan countryside, horse riding in the hills or along the beaches are just some of the sporting activities this land has to offer.

A holiday home in Maremma is the ideal solution for traveling to discover the beauty of this beautiful Italian land.
There are so many places to discover, between art and nature, and here we suggest just a few:

  • Capalbio
  • Orbetello
  • The Vulci Archaeological Park
  • The Maremma Nature Park
  • Mount Amiata
  • The islands of Argentario
  • Pitigliano and its surroundings
  • Hollow ways
  • The thermal baths of Saturnia
  • The cave settlements of Vitozza

Discover all the places on our page dedicated to Tuscan Maremma.

A sustainable place in the beautiful Maremma Tuscany.

We have created a place where you feel the attempt to get closer to harmony, to experience a different way of living, with full respect for the environment.