The Etruscan hollowed-out paths (Vie Cave)

They are at least 50 in Pitigliano, Sorano, Sovana, and Vitozza, were kilometers long and tens of meters deep. They were dug out of tufa supposedly by the Etruscans in this area more than 2000 years ago. According to some experts, the paths were carved out of the tufa to reduce the height difference between valleys, while others believe that the Etruscan Vie Cave have an esoteric meaning. Inside these gigantic works, ancient tombs, fylfot crosses, tabernacles, and niches can be found.
The shaded and damp channels of the Vie Cave have determined a special microclimate in which even rare types of plants, moss, and lichen are able to flower. The most famous ones are Via Cava di San Giuseppe and Via Cava di Fratenuti in Pitigliano, Il Cavone in Sovana, and Via Cava di San Rocco in Sorano. For information, please call (+39) 0564-617111.