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Argentario beaches

The Argentario promontory overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea at the two southernmost islands of the Tuscan Archipelago: Giglio and Giannutri.

The coast is very indented and offers coves and inlets, sandy and mostly pebble, which are very beautiful from a naturalistic point of view.

There are two towns, both with a maritime vocation, that make up the municipality of Monte Argentario: Porto Santo Stefano is to the north, while Porto Ercole, smaller, is to the south. Info on the TuttoMaremma website.



  • Giannella – eight kilometers of sand
  • La Bionda – the small pool of Porto Santo Stefano
  • Il Siluripedio, La Caletta, La Sanità, Viareggio, La Cantoniera
  • Punta Nera, Pozzarello, La Soda, Bagni di Domiziano


  • La Feniglia, sand and pine forest
  • Cala Galera
  • Le Pietrine
  • The Views
  • La Piletta
  • Long Beach
  • Lo Sbarcatello
  • Fresh Water


  • The Dead Sea, full of life
  • Le Ficaie
  • Cala Piazzoni
  • The Purgatory
  • Le Cannelle


  • Cala Grande
  • Chalk Cove
  • The sandy shore, well sheltered from the winds
  • La Cacciarella
  • Cala del Bove
  • Cala Piccola
  • Hanging Water

Supervised beaches

Il Tramonto: phone: + 39 0564 820320, Strada provinciale di Giannella 63, Albinia (GR)

Stabilimento Balneare Ai delfiniphone: + 39 0564 870351, Località Saline, Albinia (GR)

Stabilimento Frigidaire: località la Torba, between Capalbio Scalo and Ansedonia

Feniglia beach and forest

The most beautiful is the Feniglia beach.
About 7 km long, borders the dune of the same name, where a lush pine forest surrounded by Mediterranean scrub runs from Ansedonia to the port of Cala Galera, in the municipality of Porto Ercole.
There are large free spaces and bathing establishments on the beach. The coastline is popular with surfers and sailors.
Winds: exposed to southerly winds (Sirocco).
How to get there: at Km1+500 of Provincial Road 2 of Porto Ercole is the junction for Feniglia. From here, take the asphalt road which leads to the beach after about 1.4 km.
Parking: ample parking for hundreds of cars.

The Feniglia pine forest is a favorite walk, suitable for children still in prams as well as for older children, on foot or by bicycle.

A wide, flat path under the shade of tall pines runs along the entire 6 km long Feniglia tombolo. 

At one-kilometer intervals, a path leads to an outlet to the sea.

Fauna: Entering the pinewood from the Ansedonia side, it is easy to come across fallow deer and, more rarely, even a wild boar.

If you come equipped with small pieces of carrot or bread, you can approach the deer and, with a little patience and above all a great deal of calm, feed them directly from your hand. The easiest place to do this is in the clearing or pine forest near the ranger’s hut. 

All along the way, however, it is easy to see the footprints of fallow deer or holes dug by wild boars in search of roots. The more observant little explorer may even spot some precious porcupine quills! If you look up, you will often see jays, which seem to be watching and following us as they fly from branch to branch. Warning: in the summer months, protect yourself well from mosquitoes.

The pine forest is a protected area, which can only be accessed on foot or by bicycle.

Dogs must be kept on a leash.

A sustainable place in the beautiful Maremma Tuscany.

We have created a place where you feel the attempt to get closer to harmony, to experience a different way of living, with full respect for the environment.