Eco-friendly place

We did our best to build up a place where you could at least perceive our attempt to get closer to harmony.

We built and remodeled our houses according to criteria that we selected carefully. We believe in the alchemy of relationships rather than in chemically grown products. Therefore, we decided to pursue organic farming for our wine, oil, saffron, vegetable products and fruit trees.

For our buildings, we used natural materials that help save energy, such as cork; we invested in solar energy and photovoltaic systems producing the electricity we need.

We planted ash trees, service trees, flowering ash trees according to the traditions of this area, as well as 1,400 trees that are now five years old, hundreds of olive trees, fifty fruit trees and oaks, live oaks, cypresses, mimosa trees, maples, magnolia trees, linden trees, mulberries, Judas trees, camphor trees, trumpet vines, oleanders, a big rose-bush, and many other trees and bushes.

These trees are still young and will grow with time, but they are already nice to see.

A sustainable place in the beautiful Maremma Tuscany.

We have created a place where you feel the attempt to get closer to harmony, to experience a different way of living, with full respect for the environment.