Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Our olive grove was small when we started, approximately 50 trees. Over the years we have kept planting new oil trees – some varieties, Pendolino, Frantoiano and Leccino – on the hills around and in front of the farmhouse. Now, among new and old trees we have around 700 oil plants. Gradually they started to produce and we consider to draw oil at steady state from the whole plant in the next five years, depending on the atmospheric adversities.

Thanks to the intense fruit flavor, with a slightly bitter aftertaste and a spicy touch, the oil that we already make is especially recommended to dress veggies, either raw or cooked, fish, and bruschetta.

Our oil production is limited and changes every year, depending on the weather conditions that can be more or less favorable.

Thanks to nature (sun, water, and air – Palmo di Terra does not use chemical products), we produce good quality oil with a middle acidity from 0,3 to 0,6 according to the years, well under the limit of 0,9 that it allows to use the definition of extravergine

After tasting our oil during these years, our clients started buying it and making orders for the next years.

We do not only receive orders, but always wish for good harvest.

In the country, never take anything for granted!