Fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables

 All fruits for every season

Our orchard is very rich of fruits and variegated. During the last decade we  planted around 100 trees:mix fruit and vegetables apple trees, almond trees, apricot, peach and fig trees. And then peer trees, hazels, persimon trees, plums, cherries,  kiwi, pomegranates, ten different varieties of table grape, (Moscato, Moscato d’Asburgo, Cardinal, Italia, Regina, Fragolino red and white, Pizzutello red and white, Sultana) up to the strawberries, to the blackberries, to the raspberries, to the fig trees of cactus. And lemons and mandarins. Only of peaches we have seven varieties, among which the “Saturnina, white or yellow flesh, crushed and flat, the “buco incavato” with yellow flesh, ready to eat in september, ancient cultivar as Sant’Anna and Michelini, Maria Bianca and Red Haven and nectarines.

Vegetable Garden, the treasure  underground

We have a garden according to organic cultivation, in which we alternate the crops according to the seasons and in the respect of the rotation of the ground. We essentially produce for our consumption and for our guests, to which we sell the fresh vegetable in the summer, particularly, tomatoes, eggplants, courgettes, pumpins,  potatoes, salads. They are the same vegetables that we propose for the tasting menu. According to the season we pick up the whole family of the cabbages, thistles, a lot of salads – red and variegated chicory, scarola, icebergtomato juice, ciccorino – bieta, chicory,  then fennels, leeks, red and gilded onions, peas, beans , green green beans, canteloupes, watermelon, cucumbers. We also have a great plant of artichokes, with a production from April in May of three varieties. We produce tomato juice and preserves of tomato. By now around the 70 percent of that that we eat it originates from our garden. It asks for a lot of job, but it gives us great satisfaction.


Jam collection

With so so many varieties of fruit, that we put in sale for our guests and clients, it is possible to realize every year new jams.
jamThe new entries more appreciated in this year were the jelly of pomegranate and oranges bio of Sicily, the jams of peaches with mint, peaches with chocolate and amaretto, pears with the chocolate, peaches with rhum and cinnamon. And then, thanks also to the products of the vegetable garden, the spicy jams: chutney of plums,  green tomatoes, jam of onions and balmy vinegar and  onions mixed with oranges.